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Terrance Glover, RPP, CPT
Principal & Owner (pictured above)

Victoria Colantonio
Planner / Development Coordinator

Jason Tang
Planning Technician


Development helps to promote commerce, adds purpose and character to cities, towns and neighbourhoods, creates wealth, adds jobs, provides continued municipal tax revenue, and most of all it provides a sense of place for the people who live, work, and play around it. Development is also a natural progression of the urban environment that impacts everyone. It may be as simple as severing a lot for a new house, adding a new residential unit to an existing building, or as complex as a multi-storey office building or large subdivision. When done right and with everyone in mind, development is a beautiful thing!

As such, at Urban in Mind we take your development seriously!  Our customer-focused service will ensure your complete satisfaction, and as our client, we will pursue your best interest while adhering to professional standards and will make certain that your project is treated with the highest regard.  We will also ensure that those who wish to oppose your development are treated fairly and are fully heard. Through this inclusive approach to planning most issues can be resolved as opposition diminishes.  In addition, decision makers are more inclined to favour this approach when considering your planning application outcome.  

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Recently, governments and the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) have required a fully inclusive development-led approach to resolving conflicts.  This approach allows municipalities to maintain political distance from issues without picking sides, but also gives clients the opportunity to be heard!  As our client, you will set the agenda to respond to opposition so as to realize a positive outcome.  Urban in Mind specializes in inclusive conflict resolution (when needed) so that issues can be resolved before a planning decision is made by the City or OMB. 

Through Urban in Mind's approach to development, good and timely approvals result.

At Urban in Mind, we represent developers, builders, municipalities, landlords, special interest groups, neighbourhood associations and individual residents, to name a few...  all in the hope of creating "Good" development for all.  With over two decades of experience in the municipal planning, education planning and development fields, we are confident that your project couldn't be in safer hands. 

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